Winter Camp 2014 Video

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Winter Camp 2014: What To Pack

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Here are some more notes to prepare your son for winter camp:

  • Winter camp is NOT like summer camp. It is cold. It is wet. It is dark. It will be a challenge for your scouts (one of the reasons why we go from Sat until Tues night instead of Friday to Wednesday!);
  • This means — especially for first timers — that you should not send your scout unprepared thinking “he will learn from this.” He will not. He will get sick, and cold, and homesick and likely not want to camp again.  We owe it to him as a Troop and as parents to help him have a great week of camp and to be excellent mentors to these young men (Adult Association is of course one of the Eight Methods of Scouting);
  • So, help him this week by getting the following stuff for his week of camp — these are optional but encouraged –
  • ONE — A small cot — I will bring an example one Tuesday night for you to see — or a good camp pad;
  • TWO — a good headlamp (and a spare flashlight just in case) — it gets dark before mealtime;
  • THREE — footwear that will keep him warm and dry — tennis shoes are useless at camp — most hiking shoes will not keep him dry — a pair of duck boots or rubber boots will come in handy — you can send a pair of tennis shoes for those days when it might be dry but not likely based on the forecast I am seeing;
  • FOUR — a rubber maid type plastic tub with a cover to keep all of his gear in — no need for fancy backpacks or duffel bags — your goal should be for your son’s gear to stay DRY DRY (not dry)
  • FIVE — All of his clothes should packed into one gallon zip lock bags marked for all three days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) (with a long sleeve shirt, change of underwear, and WARM socks not athletic socks for each day) and slip $2-$5 a day in each bag for snacks if you want  — he should also have a separate zip lock bag for WARM sleeping gear like warmups and a sweatshirt — and one extra zip lock bag for a back up set of dry clothes with TWO extra pairs of socks if possible
  • FIVE — some kind of backpack to keep his stuff in, like an old school back pack or a camel back big enough to carry his rain gear — put at least four or five pens in there and some paper in a gallon zip lock bag
  • SIX  — good rain gear — NO PONCHOS — they will rip and tear and your scout will be miserable — frog togs work, so do most good rain jackets, they should be roomy enough that he can fit his school — a pair of rain pants would definitely be appreciated;
  • SEVEN — warm hat (like our Troop beanie!) and gloves (preferably something rain proof if you can) — pack a few hand warmers and your son will LOVE you and be the envy of his friends
  • EIGHT — Good sleeping bag PLUS some kind of liner — don’t have to buy something fancy, you probably have an extra little blanket that he can wrap himself in the sleeping bag — if it gets into the 20s or 30s, he will need more than a sleeping bag — you can’t trust a 30 degree rated bag in our humid, cold weather
  • NINE — layered up clothing to keep him warm — a big coat if he has it will work fine, but I would recommend that he has a midweight fleece or two that he can layer on top of his long sleeve t-shirt and then put the big coat on (that still fits his rain jacket over it unless it is an integrated system) — you can get find inexpensive fleece at Old Navy or Target
  • TEN — this may be the most important — LET YOUR SON PACK IT WITH YOU so that he knows where his stuff is — I cannot tell you how many times a scout has been cold or wet because he could not find something buried deep in some pack somewhere — packing it in clear zip lock bags in a clear rubbermaid container with this name and troop on it is SO much easier especially if he has packed it himself
  • ELEVEN — buy a permanent marker and MARK EVERYTHING — I MEAN EVERYTHING unless you are okay with donating it to the Lost Scout Clothes Gods. They are very vengeful if ignored and seek offerings from your scouts every day;
  • TWELVE — scouts in the Trailblazer program should bring a sensible pocket knife and their Totin’ Chip in a zip lock bag. If not Totin’ Chip, then they have to keep the knife safely stored until they earn it at camp.

Troop meeting Thursday!

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Next Tuesday is the UL game, so we moved our meeting to next Thursday. It will be at 6:30 P at the Acadiana Bicycle Company shop on Johnston Street across the road from Pimon Thai on the corner of Grand and Johnston.  Each scout can bring a wheel from their personal bike to be inspected, and Andre (a former Life scout with T405) will be there to show how to change a flat and other emergency repairs. We may even have biking safety demos. 


Bicycle Camp Out

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 Riding through the woods

Fountainbleau State Park, Mandeville

Saturday-Sunday, Oct 25-26, 2014

Bring your bike and helmet and ride with us down the Tammany Trace from Fountainbleau to Abita Springs. We’ll be camping in the park and maybe even doing some trick or treating with other campers.

We’ll leave Saturday morning and coming back  Sunday afternoon.

Sign up now! 

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Summer Camp Reminders

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  • We will meet in uniform at this SATURDAY’s Mass at 5:00 P at St. Pius. Please have all gear (except for day pack) packed as we will pack the trailer immediately following Mass.

  • We leave promptly on SUNDAY, June 29 at 6:30 AM from the front of school. Again, be in uniform and have a lunch and water bottle and snacks packed in your day pack.

  • Scouts, you may want to pack each day’s clothes in a two-gallon zip lock bag marked with the day of the week. Quicker you get ready in the morning, the quicker we get to breakfast and flag raising.

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Kayak trip supply list

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water_logoThe Troop 10 water trip is planned for May 29-June 1 at Deer Island, MS. Come prepared for lots of fun in the surf and sun!

Here is your check list for next weekend. Check with your patrol leader for any special assignments.

Water trip packing list:

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Crawfish Boil!

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Our annual Crawfish Boil is almost here! Friday, May 16 we’ll be serving up 4 pounds of delicious, steaming crawfish with all the fixings for just $20 a serving! You can’t beat that deal! Get in your uniform, and with your parent’s permission go out into your neighborhood making sure your friends and neighbors get their crustacean cravings filled!

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Summer camp merit badges!

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meritbadgeCheck out the new merit badge schedule for Camp Rockefeller. Get your choices in early!

Leaders, you can download the 2014 Summer Camp Guide.


Waterfall hike sites

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Visuals from the Clark Creek hike courtesy of Mr. Richard Hart.

Parents, time for summer camp plans!

Where : Camp Rockefeller (Gus Blass Scout Reservation) north of Hot Springs, Arkansas

When: Week of July 4th (roughly Sunday June 29 – Saturday July 5)

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