Iron Chef 2016

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Troop 10 Scouts competed for the pick of the secret ingredients for their Saturday night feast. Yes, we studied knots, but how we put them to use is a whole other matter! A one-handed bowline to “rescue” the stranded patrol member across the “tarp” water? Sure, why not?

Camp gadgets? Yeah, we got ’em. How about a patrol-sized hammock, or a full drum kit, or a tree swing big enough for four? Sure!

And the evening’s feast of either smothered sausage and potatoes or Frito chili pies were topped with the secret ingredients from teriyaki sauce to Mexican molĂ©!

And everyone survived to enjoy Sunday morning’s dutch oven monkey bread – always a crowd pleaser.

Congratulations to the Beavers for taking home the Golden Spatula and to the Falcons for scoring the first annual Khaki Monkey!